Sweaters on a Rack

I'm a young entrepreneur pushing towards accomplishing many set goals, to empower other people in following their dreams, because anything is possible and we live in a world full of many opportunities. I created Body Luscious LLC after experiencing what I went through on a traumatic skin care journey. On the borderline of being diagnosed with Steven Johnson Syndrome, I felt very different, scared to go outside, talk to people, or even feel good about myself as a person. I felt like I was looking at a person I did not recognize. After going through different treatments, many visits to the emergency room, being seen by a dermatologist and nothing seemed to work. I have gained a very close relationship with my SELF CARE, and personal hygiene with my skin care routine. I created a brand for all skin types, Oily, Sensitive, Dry, Hyperpigmentation, Eczema, Exfoliation & Hydration. Everyone has a right to feel happy about their skin and not feel hopeless. We offer a bit of everything, bringing Body Luscious to life From skin care & cosmetics to accessories & lounge wear & shoes. Your body is your temple and it's time to embrace the inner flaws & own it.